Wood Elf





May the blessings of Mielikki be upon you. It might come to a surprise to you that, as a child, it was not Mielikki that I woshipped - it was instead Oghma, like most people in the woodland hamlet that I lived in. Now, don’t get me wrong, knowledge is till important to me - I just think that life in its various forms is greater than that of knowledge.

As I was growing up my father, a religious farmer, felt like our hamlet would benefit from having a temple which he thought would bring more people into the area. It was for this reason he sent me, at the age of 20, to the “nearby” - nearly a week’s journey - temple and it was here that he hoped that I would gain the knowledge needed to establish one ourselves. Five years passed and I understood the temple and religion well. I spent most of my time studying, learning the rites and passages of Oghma - I had found my love of books. It was only by chance that I heard of the plight that affected my hamlet - a traveller who was passing through the area came to our temple to pray. As most travellers did, she stayed the night and joined us for our evening meal.